It will be a festive month at the Hawaii Prince

April will be a very eventful month for the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki, who will be hosting various special brunches, dinners, and the Hanami Sake Festival.

“The Hanami Sake Festival features over 100 better-quality sakes and various food booths including our own,” said Aaron Miyakawa, director of restaurants for the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki. Restaurants present at the festival include Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin, Bernini, Urawa, Tokkuri-Tei, and Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki’s own Hakone and Prince Court. Some of the breweries partnering at the festival include Asahi Brewery, Katou Kahachiro Shuzou, Kamikokoro, Ichinokura, and Nanbu Bijin.

Live entertainment by Hawaii-based singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Jon Basebase will add to the ambiance of the festival. There will also be a live taiko drum performance, a form of Japanese ensemble drumming, by Hawaii’s own Dragon Beat.

The Hanami Sake Festival will take place at Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki’s Mauna Kea Ballroom on Friday, April 18 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Entrance may be pre-purchased for $90 on the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki’s website. Tickets may be purchased at the hotel on the day of the festival for $100. Entry includes sake, food, tax, and service fees.

On Easter Sunday, the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki will be holding its annual Easter brunch and dinner buffets. Happening simultaneously, both the Prince Court and the Bird of Paradise will be hosting Easter brunches. The Easter brunches will also feature an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself.

The Prince Court, known for its fresh produce from land and sea, will be serving many items on their brunch menu for Easter including both a waffle and omelet station, snow crab legs, roasted and kalua pork, prime ribs, a soba station, and a wide variety of desserts at the dessert station. The Prince Court Easter brunch will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Entry will be $59 for adults and $29.50 for children between 6 and 10 years old.

At the Bird of Paradise, guests will be partaking on an equally scrumptious brunch selection. The Bird of Paradise, located at the Hawaii Prince Golf Club, offers a more casual selection of resort dining. For the Easter brunch, plates will include local favorites such as a dim sum station, sushi, sashimi, steamed crab legs, and sliced fresh fruit. The Bird of Paradise Easter brunch will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Entry will be $46 for adults and $23 for children between 6 and 10 years old.

Once the evening comes around, the Prince Court will be hosting Easter dinner. Just in time to view the sunset and the spectacular view of the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Easter dinner will be kicking off with a grand selection of dishes. Entrées will include steamed crab legs with drawn butter, half shell mussels and oysters, various poke options, grilled snapper, and penne pasta with pancetta. The Prince Court Easter dinner will take place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Entry will be $59 for adults and $29.50 for children between 6 and 10 years old.

Holiday events are not new to the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki. “We’ve held holiday brunches, dinners, and events for at least twenty years now,” said Aaron. “Events are all open to the public.”

As the events are open to the public, it is expected they will be a complete success and sell fast. “Reservations are highly recommended for the Easter brunches and dinner since there is planned seating,” said Aaron.

One more event happening at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki this April is in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day. This year, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday the 23rd. More details on Administrative Professionals Day will be available in the coming days on the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki website.

Located in beautiful Waikiki Beach, the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki is the crown jewel of Oahu’s luxury resorts. The Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki has received many awards, particularly for their restaurants and buffets including TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2012 and 2013 as well Hakone being chosen as Top Rated Japanese Cuisine in 2013.

The Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki features over 500 oceanfront rooms, including 57 luxury suites. The Hawaii Prince Golf Club is found on the hotel grounds offering 27 holes designed by Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay. The hotel is located at a short walking distance from the beach, the Hawaii Convention Center, and the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Whether it’s visiting Hawaii or taking a staycation, your expectations will be met and surpassed. The Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki stands out for its beautiful views combined with top-notch service and wide variety of restaurants.

United Pacific Builders

Acute attention to detail can make a world of difference when renovating your home. United Pacific Builders has been a renowned home construction and remodeling general contractor since it was first formed in 2010.

United Pacific Builders president and co-owner Kevin Muir personally responds to all requests. With experience and knowledge, Muir makes it his goal to provide clients value. Working in association with some of the most respected suppliers in Hawaii, United Pacific Builders offers the most affordable and stunning materials, including stone, granite, and modern synthetic materials. Homeowners considering developing their place should know that every dollar they spend is a long-term, worthwhile investment.

Co-owned by Muir and Shon Gregory, the company’s founders sport over 25 combined years of experience.

From remodeling kitchens and bathrooms to full-range ground up construction, this company can do it all. “We’re all over the board,” explained Gregory, who adds valuable experience to the company as vice president with his background in the roofing and solar fields. Muir has had extensive 15 years of expertise in construction, having previously worked on housing developments for the United States military on Oahu.

“From the simple bathroom upgrade to a complete home renovation, United Pacific Builders brings know-how and experience to every project,” mentioned Gregory. Their top-notch craftsmen and their perfect track record have led the company to become “the local favorite for all your building needs.”

United Pacific Builders has experience in many fields including, but not limited to, kitchen and bathroom renovations, home additions, steel and wood framing, and residential and commercial contracting. “We do ground up construction as well,” added Gregory.

Though they cater to regular homeowners regularly, they do not limit themselves or their clients. “We’re not picky,” made known Gregory. “Regardless of budget, United Pacific Builders always provides cutting edge service and value. Our pricing is always competitive; we know how to cut your cost without cutting corners.”

United Pacific Builders is a family-owned business endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. The owners are homeowners themselves, allowing them to approach every project empathetically and understanding the clients’ needs.

The friendly company offers its clients advice from experts and the facility of negotiating the complex planning and permitting phases. Clients and United Pacific Builders work together to determine the styles of cabinets, flooring, and surfaces most appropriate for their budgets and needs.

United Pacific Builders always meets and surpasses expectations, leaving them with an impressive track record that homeowners owe to themselves to try.

Martin Garage Doors

When looking to remake your garage or begin a new installation, Martin Garage Doors Hawaii can take care of it for you with some of the best preparation and experience in Hawaii.

Martin Garage Doors Hawaii “started out as Akamai Painting in 1978, then contracted with Sears in 1984 to do house painting and later, garage doors,” stated Claude Thompson, 70, president, CEO, and the original owner of the company. “In 1995, after Sears got out of the home improvement business, we became known as Martin Garage Doors Hawaii.”

Customers new to Martin Garage Doors Hawaii will find comfort in their free pre-sales and pre-installation inspections. There are performed to make certain there is sufficient clearance for doors and assess whether doors will need modification. Doors are made of premium quality aluminum, copper, or steel.

Garage doors are one of many home improvement products Thompson’s company offers. “At one point we had multiple companies in a variety of specialties, such as painting, roofing, waterproofing, solar, garage doors,” explained Thompson. “Now we’re mainly concentrating on painting, carport enclosures, and garage doors.”

Martin Garage Doors Hawaii is the sole distributor of Salt Lake City, Utah’s Martin Garage Doors in the state, which Thompson describes as “the finest and safest garage doors, period. No comparison.” The company has had its general contracting license since 1984, with dealers on Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and the Big Island. All parts have a limited lifetime warranty.

Born and raised in Hawaii, six year old Thompson moved with his father to California, who was formerly enlisted in the Army Air Corps, and his mother from Pepeekeo on the Big Island. With a concentration in aeronautical engineering, Thompson became interested in the home improvement field around his 30s, coming back to Hawaii to assist his father in building his Sunset Beach retirement home.

“I enjoy engaging with customers,” responded Thompson when asked what he enjoyed most about his job, “and being able to make a positive impact on their lifestyles and on their properties. The right garage door will not only enhance your home’s beauty, but also its value.”

From custom garage doors, vents with screens, windows or screens on doors, pet doors, and even mail slots, “we’ve done it all,” claimed Thompson. “We can even adapt to minimal ‘header’ space above the inside of your door with a low headroom adapter kit. Once we had a house in Manoa built on a slope, so a standard door wouldn’t fit. What we did to solve that problem was to also slope the garage door.”

To set up an appointment for a free estimate, call 808-836-0029 or go online at Martin Garage Doors Hawaii is open weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pacific Appliance Group

If you’re looking to upgrade your home appliances, there are myriad options to choose from in Hawaii. Pacific Appliance Group offers the most popular brands at unrivaled prices. Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, and a plethora of other household names are available to Hawaii through Pacific Appliance Group, the state’s Associate Contract Distributor for the brands.

Sporting an astounding showroom, the company aims to amaze their potential customers. “I want them to feel like this a pretty cool store,” said Paul Masuoka, president of Pacific Appliance Group, Inc. The showroom allows for a hands-on experience with the latest appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, and more. Previewing the appliances allows homeowners to get an idea of how they may look in each room.

Concierge service is also available to inform visitors who may find themselves overwhelmed by the large amount of selections. “We want people to leave not feeling confused,” explained Masuoka. The goal is to first and foremost serve the customer. Pacific Appliance Group will work closely with individual homeowners, their architect, or their design consultant to achieve the desired outcome.

Their team of knowledgeable staff assists guests looking to replace their old appliances as well as those seeking their first machines. The experienced team is factory trained by Whirlpool and many other trusted major manufacturers. With their expertise, the friendly faces at Pacific Appliance Group consider the lifestyle and budget of individuals and families when suggesting a matching appliance.

The locally owned company started offering their astonishing selection of home and kitchen appliances in 1997. Pacific Appliance group has various appliance repair and maintenance service centers on Oahu, as well as Maui and the Big Island. Thanks to their distributor contract with Whirlpool, the company has access to a wide range of local stocking inventory. The company aims to provide superior service at an exceptional value.

Whether you’re looking for replacements for a rental home or working on a personal project, Pacific Appliance Group will offer you the best value for your needs.

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Preparedness Guide – Food

Before a disaster, it is vital to know what kinds of foods and drinks you should store. Without proper precaution, a fully-stocked kitchen could quickly turn into a vast collection of spoiled, inedible trash.

It is especially important for the state of Hawaii to be prepared in the event of a disaster. According to Department of Emergency Management’s public information officer John Cummings, due to Hawaii’s isolation from the rest of its country, assistance from outside states would not be as readily available.

During a disaster, water may seem like one of the most obtainable items, but without power, safe water sources are limited. It is of upmost importance to know that you have access to good drinking water. “Assume seven days without food, water, or resupplies,” informed Maria Lutz, Director of Emergency Services for the Hawaii State Chapter of the American Red Cross. Optimal ways of storing water include filling up a bathtub, purchasing bottled water, or filling clean containers with tap water. Do not drink water from toilet flush tanks or bowls, radiators, waterbeds, or swimming pools/spas, warns the American Red Cross. Water may be obtained outdoors from rainwater, moving bodies of water such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and springs.

Likewise, items such as medicine, clothing, first aid kits, water, and food should last about a week. “Ideally, you’ll want long-lasting, non-perishable food that requires no heating,” stated Cummings. “Local favorites such as Spam, Vienna sausages, and sardines work great.”

The American Red Cross suggests various food supplies for stashing, including dried fruits, dry crackers, potatoes, and boxed powdered milk for use within six months. Many of the suggested items for use within a year are commonplace in homes, such as peanut butter, vitamins, canned juices, and jelly. Items that may be stored indefinitely include dried corn, instant coffee and tea, rice, dry pasta, and soybeans. The American Red Cross warns not to ingest salty foods when low on water, since they may cause thirst.

Power outages are likely during a disaster; assume there will be no access to heating. Remember to plan food accordingly by considering the number of people in a residence. Allot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also consider the nutritional value of these foods. Prepare early and pay attention to non-perishables containing proteins, dairies, fruits, and vegetables.

Perishable foods’ longevity can be extended during a power outage. By keeping refrigerator and freezer doors closed, food stays cold for about four hours. Refrigerators should be kept around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 25 pounds of dry ice can keep perishables frozen three to four days in a 10-cubic-foot freezer.

Cooking is possible during a power outage with gas stoves. FEMA suggests unconventional cooking sources “including candle warmers, chafing dishes, fondue pots or a fireplace.” Canned foods may also be eaten out of their own cans. The American Red Cross cautions to “always make sure to extinguish open flames before leaving the room.”

In the event of an evacuation, it is easy to forget that one has a stash of supplies. Make sure they are easily accessible in one’s home. “You could use a rolling bag to store your supplies, making it easy to move,” added Cummings. “Supplies should be stored in a dark part of the house, avoiding direct sunlight.” Moisture should also be avoided, since it could lead to mold and spoiled items.

Regularly check long-term supplies to ensure they are still edible, usable, and in good condition. Rotate items annually to avoid expiration. An easy reminder would be to check supplies as disaster season approaches every year. Allow enough time before a disaster to replace any possibly perished, spoiled, or broken items.

If more containers of food and drink are opened than needed during a disaster, Cummings suggested using them to supplement other foods. For example, if more dried fruit packages were opened than needed, the dried fruit could be added to another person’s cereal, jerky, or mixed nuts. Save food from going to waste. Make use of plastic containers and bags to collect leftovers.

Despite Hawaii experiencing various natural disasters in the past, not everybody is prepared for the mischance of a hurricane or tsunami. “We’ve had three evacuations in the last three years, so I’d say most folks are well aware,” spoke Cummings. “But we could be made more aware.”

As soon as a disaster is forecasted, most general goods stores and markets will find themselves swamped with customers. Avoid the stress of long lines and low inventory by preparing beforehand.

Collecting supplies before a disaster does not take longer than a few hours and may one day be your family’s lifesaver.

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Preparedness Guide – Plan

When the Emergency Alarm System sirens to announce an imminent weather disaster, stress and worry can be reduced with a planned course of action. An emergency plan should address everything from aiding family members with functional needs to shutting off utilities before evacuating.

“Being prepared today can save lives tomorrow,” said Coralie Matayoshi, CEO for the Hawaii State Chapter of the American Red Cross. “You are your best defense against emergencies. There are three key things you should do to prepare yourself and your loved ones for emergencies: build an emergency preparedness kit, make a plan for what your family will do in an emergency, and be informed about resources available in your community and types of disasters that could occur there.”

A family without a synchronized emergency plan will run into more problems when evacuating than a family who planned ahead. “Keep in touch with your family,” said Maria Lutz, Director of Emergency Services for the Hawaii State Chapter of the American Red Cross. “Usually, the most stressful thing is not knowing if everyone is okay.” Assign one emergency contact from your neighborhood and one from outside your neighborhood as a method of assurance. It may also help to have at least one contact in the contiguous United States.

Considering some disasters are more complicated than others, families should evaluate how they will get to a safe place. “A lot of people stay at home during flash flooding,” stated Lutz. “Don’t wait until the last minute.” Lutz warns against driving during high flooding, especially in high risk areas, to avoid losing control of the vehicle. Determine unconventional roads in case the route you would routinely take is obstructed.

In the event a family gets separated, members should already be prepared to find their way back together through prior planning.  Establish a method of communication to contact each other. In cases of low power on mobile devices, agree on a time during which members will turn on their phones in order to conserve battery life. A safe location such as a local shelter can be used as a meeting point.

Shelters are limited during hurricanes. “Not many buildings may resist over 80 to 90 miles per hour winds,” warned Lutz. The Department of Emergency Management provides residents with shelter lists sorted by island and district. Schools make up a large portion of them in the state. Pet owners should locate shelters with designated quarters for pets. “Most people haven’t thought of the conditions they’ll be under in shelters,” warned Lutz. It is advised that residents bring their own food supplies, while keeping in mind individuals may have as little as ten feet of space to occupy.

As a final step, families and individuals should designate tasks to speed up the evacuation process. Tsunamis generated in distant locations will commonly allow residents enough time to pack their car and vacate their homes for higher ground. Locally generated tsunamis pose a larger threat, usually allowing only fifteen minutes before reaching land. Evacuation plans for tsunamis should apply for heavy rains and flooding as well.

An emergency kit should be kept with seven days’ worth of supplies such as water, food, and change of clothes. Water kept in the kit should be kept to a gallon per person per day. All food stored in the kit should be non-perishable and easy to prepare without requiring heating. Keep emergency kits in a dark part of the home, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Kits should preferably be stored in rolling luggage for easy portability.

Plan accordingly; add supplies to the kit that fit your needs. The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests including pet food, medication, infant formula, diapers, and important documents. Items for personal sanitation such as moist towelettes, garbage bags, and plastic ties may be necessary. If carrying canned foods in the kit, remember the can opener.

Keep a small radio with access to NOAA Weather Radio, which broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day. A hand crank radio requires no power outlet and often comes with a built-in flashlight, making it essential for disasters.

Despite Hawaii experiencing many disasters in its history, not all residents may be prepared for the unforeseen. “People have heard what they should do,” spoke Lutz. “Not many people have put it into practice.” Small tasks often overlooked can lead to major hazards. Creating a plan for every possible scenario could transform a scary experience into a well-coordinated routine.

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HK Construction

When it comes to remodeling homes, HK Construction has a great deal of experience under its belt. The fourth-generation company has designed and remodeled homes in Hawaii for over 80 years. The company focuses on quality building, acquired through their use of products that guarantee durability and through their team of seasoned consultants in the building and designing fields.

The high quality of HK Construction’s final products is enough to create misconceptions that the company only services high-end consumers. Contrary to popular belief, the family business most commonly caters to mid-range homes. The firm obtains its materials from suppliers utilized by other businesses, making HK Construction competitive and affordable to the average homeowner in Hawaii.

The fully insured and bonded design-build firm is known for its wide range of projects, including “aging in place,” a term used by the Center of Disease Control to describe the process of turning a home safe for the elderly “[to] remain in their community all their entire lives.” HK Construction aims to make lifestyle more accessible to senior citizens. “We want to ensure the home is user-friendly when entering their golden years,” explained Johnny Makiling, senior design consultant at HK Construction.

“Due to the high density of senior citizens in Hawaii, the general populace thinks aging in place is expensive,” said Makiling. HK Construction’s team of building specialists and design experts work in partnership to create elderly-friendly bathrooms with curbless showers to avoid accidents, as well as wide wheelchair-accessible doorways. The company offers consultations for owners who are unsure if they require aging in place. “Plan ahead and examine the possibilities,” added Makiling.

For homeowners who have yet to consider aging in place, the home can be readied for future residents. “Often, there are middle-aged adults who plan on their parents living with them,” stated Makiling. “It’s better to do it now when you can than waiting until you need it.”

HK Construction has divisions dedicated to remodeling many parts of the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, with the average designer possessing 15 years of experience in their field. The designers are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the American Society of Interior Designers.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, HK Construction is available to design and create your dream home.

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