A house is a big investment for any family, as well as one of their biggest expenses. In Hawaii, the price of houses reach an average of half a million dollars. Envirowash Hawaii LLC is here to help keep you restore your house’s value with a thorough, mold-removing roof wash that will bring it back to looking as good as it did when you originally invested in it.

Mike Wedge, owner of Envirowash Hawaii LLC, likes to remind clients that the decision to replace one’s roof should not be based purely on its looks. “It’s not old, it’s mold,” says Mike Wedge. Many homeowners are not aware that their roof may not only be dirty, but also infested with bacteria known as Gloeocapsa Magma. This bacteria creates black streaks and darkening, causing your roof to decompose and look dirtier than it actually is. Some roofing companies in Hawaii have realized this bacteria could cost them, and have not honored their warranties regarding mold, usually through loopholes.

As opposed to pressure washing, which causes heavy damage to roofs due to its aggressive nature, SoftWashing ensures a meticulous process that not only leads to a 100 percent kill rate on the bacteria, but will leave the roof looking resplendent. Envirowash Hawaii LLC is the only SoftWash Systems certified cleaning company in the state.

Clients will experience a very fast, fluid process all throughout with Envirowash Hawaii LLC. After scheduling, the project is typically finished in one day. Once finished, the client will be invoiced for payment. There are no down payments required up front.  The process done by Envirowash Hawaii LLC utilizes agricultural sprayers, meaning the team doesn’t need to get on the roof itself and can work from the ridge lines. This is useful for clients who cannot be home during the time scheduled, as the team will be able to do both the estimate and cleaning without needing access to the home.

Envirowash Hawaii LLC is certified through the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, as well as members of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners and have an A score with the Better Business Bureau.

Striving to blow clients’ expectations out of the water with a rewarding experience and amazing result goes hand in hand with Envirowash Hawaii LLC’s business model of providing “service with a conscience.”

The family-owned and operated company offers a free on-site estimate and demo; simply call to inquire. Enjoy 10 percent off as a New Year’s special through the month of January.

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