Keeping customer satisfaction first

Remodeling homes has been HK Construction’s expertise for over 80 years. This fourth-generation company has designed and remodeled homes with a focus on quality building, acquired through their use of products that guarantee durability and through their team of seasoned consultants in the building and designing fields.

HK Construction’s high quality products are fine enough to create mistaken beliefs that the company only accommodates high-end customers. Contrary to this misconception, this family firm caters more often than not to mid-range homes. The company obtains its materials from suppliers utilized by other businesses, making HK Construction competitive and affordable to the average homeowner in Hawaii.

The company is known for its number of projects, most recently their “aging in place,” described by the Center of Disease Control to describe the process of turning a home safe for the elderly “[to] remain in their community all their entire lives.” HK Construction aspires to make the home more accessible to senior citizens. “We want to ensure the home is user-friendly when entering their golden years,” spoke Johnny Makiling, senior design consultant at HK Construction.

“It is an advantageous time to take action,” said Alan Twu, vice president at HK Construction. Simply patching up a house and putting bandages on issues may only take a few minutes, but it’ll end up being costly in the long run.

“When people are ready to cruise and take it easy in their golden years, it may be more complicated to begin remodeling,” explained Twu. HK Construction helps clients ‘let go’ and retire their old home for a better-functioning high-quality one. The company can help prepare a home to become multi-generational, as many families move away from the islands and come back with more members. HK Construction’s design experts will help families realize what challenges lie ahead to help make a better lifestyle for them.

The home can be readied for future residents, if current residents who may not require aging in place themselves. “Often, there are middle-aged adults who plan on their parents living

with them,” stated Makiling. “It’s better to do it now when you can than waiting until you need it.”

HK Construction’s designers possess an average of 15 years of experience in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms under their belts. The designers are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the American Society of Interior Designers.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, HK Construction is available to design and create your dream home.


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