Keeping your valuables safe and sound

Low prices may be attractive when looking for a storage facility, but lack of convenience, service, and peace of mind will come at a higher cost in the long run.

StorSecure in Hawaii Kai believes firmly that customers’ valuables should be held with utmost importance.

The award-winning StorSecure strives to fulfill one simple mission – “we offer a well-managed, user-friendly experience to the customer with competitive prices,” said store manager Calvin Ling.

The storage features state-of-the-art technology to keep your valuables safe and easily accessible. Multi-camera video surveillance and motion-sensitive LED lights ensure units are in good hands.

StorSecure possesses the most advanced technologies to protect consumers’ valuables. The facility regulates humidity utilizing a process called Moisture-Guard dehumidification, preventing destructive forces such as mites, molds, mildew, rust, paper rot, and wood degradation. “The facility is always nice, cool, and dry,” said Calvin.

“Our facility has a beautiful marina view,” added Calvin. Located in the largely residential Hawaii Kai, StorSecure is a valued asset of the neighborhood, with the closest competitors over five miles away.

The building presents many other features besides storage units. StorSecure includes mailboxes for rent and accepts deliveries during business hours from any courier service. The mailboxes are part of the StorSecure Business Center, which includes a copier, fax, computer, printer, wi-fi, and fresh water.

The Pay and Lease (PAL) self-service kiosk allows customers to make payments, purchase locks, get receipts for payments, and update their contact information. PAL is available 24 hours a day year-round and features a touchscreen, voice prompts for guidance, a speaker to contact the manager, and a keyboard to make data entry simple.

Online payments are easily done through the StorSecure website. On the page, customers will also find storage tips with advice on how to take care of various articles such as furniture, books, documents, and even holiday decorations.

StorSecure sells moving supplies at the facility including plain and storage boxes in various sizes, locks with keys, mattress covers, and dust covers.

Founded in 2006, the facility shows it’s one of the United States’ premier storage facilities. That same year, self-storage periodical Mini-Storage Messenger awarded StorSecure their Facility of the Year overall winner award based on design, construction, challenges overcome during building, appearance, landscaping, occupancy and performance, security, access features, marketing, and customer service. Eight years later, the facility has remained faithful to these practices that got them where they are today.

StorSecure’s goal of offering customers convenience through many methods such as online payments, PAL, and seven-day access including holidays makes it the premier storage facility when you need your belongings in safe hands.

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