United Pacific Builders

Acute attention to detail can make a world of difference when renovating your home. United Pacific Builders has been a renowned home construction and remodeling general contractor since it was first formed in 2010.

United Pacific Builders president and co-owner Kevin Muir personally responds to all requests. With experience and knowledge, Muir makes it his goal to provide clients value. Working in association with some of the most respected suppliers in Hawaii, United Pacific Builders offers the most affordable and stunning materials, including stone, granite, and modern synthetic materials. Homeowners considering developing their place should know that every dollar they spend is a long-term, worthwhile investment.

Co-owned by Muir and Shon Gregory, the company’s founders sport over 25 combined years of experience.

From remodeling kitchens and bathrooms to full-range ground up construction, this company can do it all. “We’re all over the board,” explained Gregory, who adds valuable experience to the company as vice president with his background in the roofing and solar fields. Muir has had extensive 15 years of expertise in construction, having previously worked on housing developments for the United States military on Oahu.

“From the simple bathroom upgrade to a complete home renovation, United Pacific Builders brings know-how and experience to every project,” mentioned Gregory. Their top-notch craftsmen and their perfect track record have led the company to become “the local favorite for all your building needs.”

United Pacific Builders has experience in many fields including, but not limited to, kitchen and bathroom renovations, home additions, steel and wood framing, and residential and commercial contracting. “We do ground up construction as well,” added Gregory.

Though they cater to regular homeowners regularly, they do not limit themselves or their clients. “We’re not picky,” made known Gregory. “Regardless of budget, United Pacific Builders always provides cutting edge service and value. Our pricing is always competitive; we know how to cut your cost without cutting corners.”

United Pacific Builders is a family-owned business endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. The owners are homeowners themselves, allowing them to approach every project empathetically and understanding the clients’ needs.

The friendly company offers its clients advice from experts and the facility of negotiating the complex planning and permitting phases. Clients and United Pacific Builders work together to determine the styles of cabinets, flooring, and surfaces most appropriate for their budgets and needs.

United Pacific Builders always meets and surpasses expectations, leaving them with an impressive track record that homeowners owe to themselves to try.