Island Health Weight & Wellness

Losing weight and staying in shape can be a difficult task for many, especially without proper diet and guidance.

For over 20 years, Island Health Weight & Wellness’ team of seasoned physicians has been guiding participants through to successful long-term weight loss.

The OPTIFAST program completely replaces meals, while including guidance, counseling, and nutritional supplements. Lasting approximately 22 weeks, OPTIFAST eliminates the need for meal planning. It makes healthy eating simple with low calorie foods that don’t require preparation.

OPTIFAST is inexpensive. According to Gallup, Inc., the average American spends $151 on food a week, with Hawaii residents spending about 66 percent higher than any other state, amounting to $250 a week. One week of OPTIFAST costs $140 to $170. Participants end up saving money while fighting diabetes, hypertension, and losing weight.

Island Health Weight & Wellness’ goal is not only to help participants lose weight, but to help them maintain their health and happiness post-program. Participants receive continuing support and have access to the same weight loss tools to keep the weight off.

There is also the Jump Start! option to assist with payment. Starting with one initial fee of $149, followed by a weekly fee of $30, Jump Start! prices are offered at a discounted rate for those whose insurance does not cover these services.

Island Health Weight & Wellness offers a free initial consultation, which anyone can sign up for through their website. Anybody struggling with weight loss owes it to themselves to try these services with which so many have succeeded.

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