The Graduate and Adult Enrollment office moves on despite a slow season

Late in the semester at Marist College, students are getting ready to move out and go home for the summer. At 2:05p.m., with roughly a month left until graduation, many graduate offices at Marist seem abandoned or dead.

“We get a few calls in the morning, but it has slowed down since,” said Helen Chang, a student assistant working at Marist’s Graduate and Adult Enrollment office. The GAE office is in charge of helping prospective students with their applications and paperwork over the phone; but now that it’s late April and all prospective students have enrolled, there’s not much of that going on, and the GAE office helps with other issues for incoming students.

Countdown until graduation
Marist College counts down graduation time

“If students want a tour of the campus, we’re in charge of setting that up,” said Chang, sitting alone at the mostly empty office’s front counter. “We also set up appointments with one of our four advisers.”

Stepping into the GAE office, time feels like it’s slowing down with the loud ticking clock behind the counter. However, once summer comes along, the office will be bursting with life and noise from the ringing phones and frantic clicking of keyboards.

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